This Concession Trailer website is a site that we acquired from another party.. already written but we feel that it is good information and something that you will greatly benefit from.

As time goes on we will be adding pages to this site as we learn more about this wonderful business they call concessions.

We have an interest in the concession trailer business ourselves and have plans to enter the market sometime in 2010. This will be a wonderful learning experience and be sure that we will pass on what we learn as we go along.


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  1. Doug and Tina Barber says:

    This is an awesome site. My husband and I are in the planning stages for our concession stand and you gave all the information we needed. Thanks. Now for a question…have you ever heard of a person converting a travel trailer into a concession stand? We have a 25 foot trailer that we think would be perfect for our business, but could use a few tips.

    Thanks for your help,
    Doug and Tina Barber

  2. Justin says:

    Hey i was wondering if yo had any input about a concession truck near college bars? is that possible?

  3. sherman hawkins says:

    hello could you send me more info on concession trailers and the business aspect of it all. I will be buying a trailer soon but wanted to plug in to the food trailer and festival also event activity. myyt

  4. sherman hawkins says:

    please send info or tell me more about the network aspect of festival, events, and food trailer business

  5. sherman hawkins says:

    send or email networking info concerning food trailer business

  6. Frank says:

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