Concession Trailer Business – 10

On opening day get to your concession trailer plenty early. You want to be prepared. First impressions are everything. You may not have but 20 people the first day but those 20 will turn into several hundred in time.

I would run the grand opening a week. Have specials and even give away samples. Anything to get the people to your concession stand. You will have a lot of wasted food the first few days until you know what to expect.

In the beginning it’s all a guessing game for anyone. You want to have enough but never too little. Run out once and you will loose valuable customers. It is better to have too much than not enough. It will not take you long to be able to estimate what you will need to prepare.

Just be nice and smile and serve good food and the people will come back. Also always open when you say you will. Never be late.. people will soon start depending on you for their lunch or dinner or their morning jolt on the way to work.

Good luck in your venture and never loose hope. A good business takes time and plenty of patience. I have faith in you and I know you can do it.

Be sure to check out our other sections of this website if you interested in getting into the BBQ stand business or espresso coffee stand business. We also have section on buying used concession trailers and selling used concession trailers and building your own concession trailer. We will also be adding a section called concession recipes, which will give you useful tips, and ideas on what to sell in your concession business and what is the most profitable. Sections will be added as often as possible.

Stay in touch and visit regularly because it is you that make this site what it is. If you have an idea or tip that you would like to see me write on or posted please let me know.

Thanks and good luck!

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