Concession Trailer Business – 2

While you’re waiting for the health department to send you all the information you requested sit down with your family or whoever you’re going to be in this business with and decide on a menu.

Nothing extravagant at first just a rough idea of what you would like to sell. Now narrow that down to 3 or 4 items. I also want to add that you should be creative. Unless you have a super delicious hamburger with a sauce that will make you forget your mortgage is due tomorrow don’t sell hamburgers and fries.

Everybody and their brother are already doing it.

Serve something unique that makes people want to stop and try it. For example serve steak tips with roasted garlic and mushroom sauce plate. Don’t see many of those so people will stop just to check you out. Come up with your own combination of unique recipes.

Don’t be scared.. I know you can do it;-)

In this business more is not better. McDonalds started out with 3 items on the menu….hamburgers, fries, and shakes. That’s how they were able to call it fast food.

Now look at them 97 items and adding more every day and a long ways from fast food. You can get an order faster at red lobster than a fast food joint now days. Too many items on the menu.

In the concession food business you have to offer fast food and mean it. People stopping at your concession trailer are unforgiving. They will not give you a second chance. You have to impress them the first time or you will never see them again. Then they go tell every one they know how horrible there experience was at your place. Its not a pretty picture so get it right the first time.

Just remember people are always in a hurry but they want good service and food as well so give them both. It’s not that hard to do.

Just imagine yourself on the other side of the window standing in line; you just got off work, kids screaming in the car. Little Josh duck taping his younger sisters’ head to the armrest. You’re standing there trying to remain calm knowing you’re only 2 steps from a nervous breakdown.

Then finally you get your order and rush to the car to find that Josh is now eating what is left of a seat cushion. You reach into the bag only to find that your order is not right!

Do you think you would ever visit this establishment again? Heck no! Not without a can of gasoline and a box of matches.

Now I know that example was a little extreme but you would be surprised at the condition people are in when they order food. People are stressed and always in a hurry so take that into account and do everything you can to make their day better.

Treat them with kindness and always give them a big smile and mean it. Let them know that you are appreciative of their business. Do this and you will have a loyal customer.

Ok I got a little off course from telling you to decide on your menu. (I will do that from time to time. Just a warning.)

Ok now we need to decide how many you are going to have working in the concession stand or trailer. Keep in mind this is a small space and not a full service kitchen. It also depends on the size of your trailer. If you are going to have 1 or 2 people inside, a 6 or 7 foot wide by 12 to 14 long will do. If you have 3 to 4 on the inside it will have to be 8 foot wide by at least 16 foot long.

Don’t plan on working with anyone you cant get along with on the outside because once you get in that little space it only gets worse. In my experience the perfect set up is 3 people. One working the window and register while fixing the drinks, One cook and one preparing the orders.

Since your just starting you can manage with just yourself doing it all and as your business grows bring another person in, as you need them. Or one cooking and one taking the orders which works out good for a husband and wife team. Now on to step 3….

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7 Responses to Concession Trailer Business – 2

  1. Gary Winebrenner says:

    I’ve read the first two section. Thanks for the info. Now I have someplace to start, thanks Gary

  2. EdieB says:

    yes great information resource, we Are also interested in pursuing this interesting bussiness just for fun and xtra cash.

  3. requiero trailers full equipos

  4. Our efforts to locate a quality food concession trailer with equipment has been full of too many options. We can’t find a manufacturer locally to help us save money on shipping and repairs. We are in Northern VA and plan on working various local areas including Maryland and Virginia to increase our profits. Our current goal is our first food concession trailer for two to three people, to work seven days a week in high traffic areas with breakfast and lunch items. We’ve studied the information on the net and searched but most sellers are not manufacturers and want too much for a starter trailer for coffee, expresso, and simple lunch items. Please help me find a manufacturer in VA, MD, PA or NJ that can provide us a simple concession cart with a complete package. Or would it be cheaper to get my own equipment for cooking and refrigeration? I need answers. I’ve been saving and planning for a couple years now and getting frustrated at the lack of professionalism and cooperation I’ve received from suppliers and manufacturers. And bankers for loans. Can you help me. I want to build an ongoing business where I add a trailer or two per year from our profits to grow this business, rent warehousing and move forward helping to employee locals with a stable concession business.
    Best of the Best Always;
    James Hugh Baker, Sr. – President
    Celtic Bear Company Inc
    10332 Main Street, No. 289
    Fairfax, VA 22030

  5. Mary says:

    A great wealth of information. Thanks!
    Just a gentle reminder; there, their, and they’re are not interchangeable. 😉

    Thanks again.

  6. Michael says:

    I’m trying, real hard, to maintain belief of your credibility, but it’s difficult with all the “your” instead of “you’re”, “there” instead of “their’ and other poor grammatical errors. I’d like to think you have some good thoughts, and it’s difficult, being educated (as I am) to try to learn something from the un (or “under) educated. Attention to detail is critical in this world.

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