Concession Trailer Business – 5

By now the health department should have gotten back to you and sent you the booklet and forms you need to follow in setting up your concession trailer business.

Go through these forms and booklet and see what pertains to you directly and what pertains to the manufacturer of your concession stand. Everything that does not pertain to you directly put to the side for the person who will build your trailer.

Now make a list of everything you need to do yourself as stated by the health department.

Should not be that much.

Most will pertain to the manufacturer until you actually open for business then a lot will pertain to you after that.

Now after you have made the list follow it to the letter. I cannot get into anything specific here because every city, county, and state will be different.  Now lets take a break….go raid the fridge or visit the bathroom but come right back because we are ready for step six.

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3 Responses to Concession Trailer Business – 5

  1. Willie Davis says:

    The info on this website has been absolutley helpful to me. It definitely has saved me a lot of money, lost time and hard ache.


    Willie D

  2. Frank & Judy Santora Jr. says:

    I think their is a lot of very good information in what we have read so far, we are thinking more, will easily save time and heartache by following your suggestions really appreciate your info. thanks.

  3. gary says:

    hello we are building a concession trailer out of a camper and would like to kno y its going to cost so much to obtain a food license been doing this as a game person never heard of it being this high we do live in florida please help ty gary

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