Concession Trailer Business – 7

At this point in planning your concession trailer business, you need to decide about your power, water, and waste sources.

We will start with deciding where you will get all that precious, much needed electricity.

You can use a generator, which is good, if you move from spot to spot regularly. For example, if you have 3 roadside location which you set up regularly thru the week. You can run a heavy-duty extension cord and plug in somewhere, which is good if the power is readily available to run everything you have in the trailer.

You do not want to do this if all you have to plug into is a regular 20-amp outlet. You will continually be resetting breakers and having power outages which will soon become very frustrating for you.

But if there is plenty of power (I recommend at least 50 amps) go for it and I would also suggest offering to pay a monthly fee for this power if it is available to you.

Your final choice is calling your power company and having them set a power pole and meter at your location. Now this only works out to your advantage if you stay in the same spot continually. Every city differs on the price they charge for doing this service. Anywhere from $85 to $1000. In the long run you will appreciate the convenience no matter what the cost is. You will get the bill sent to you like you do at home and you can keep up with how much you are spending on electricity as well.

Deciding whether to haul your fresh water or hook straight up to the city is your next decision.

There are pros and cons to both. My thoughts have always been that you don’t use that much water anyway so why pay a huge amount to hook up to the city when you are already paying to get this service at home and it is hardly any trouble at all hauling the water from home and filling your tanks. Most concession business owners take there dirty dishes home to wash every evening anyway so the only water you are actually using is to wash your hands with.

Even if you did clean your dirty dishes on site you probably would not use over 10 gallons a day. To me it’s just not worth it but it’s your decision so you can decide.

Wastewater disposal is the same way. It is a lot easier to dispose of it yourself than to pay to hook up to the city. All It is, is dirty dishwater anyway and no big deal to drain the tank into a container and empty it at home in the sink. You could also get a service to come by once a day or 3 times a week to empty your tank for a very reasonable fee. Just keep in mind whatever you do make it as convenient at possible.

You want to keep your business fun and not turn it into a job.

Keep in mind that the more you are hooked up to like city water and waste the more codes you will have to follow and more hassles. To some these hassles might be worth it. You just have to decide for yourself. Ok moving right along to step eight

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5 Responses to Concession Trailer Business – 7

  1. RON GAUTHIER says:


  2. Jack says:

    Most of what you have written here is spot on. And I’d add great advice.

    However you said”Most concession business owners take there dirty dishes home to wash every evening anyway so the only water you are actually using is to wash your hands with.”

    That is a big no no in any state. In some areas you may get away with it but any decent Health Department, would close you down if you get caught.

    Otherwise why require 3 sinks, if your not expected to clean all of your dishes and tongs spatulas,on site?

    Good job

  3. neal says:

    who or where would u get your tanks drained and fill by cause i stay in the state of indiana they dont allow u to fill your own tanks and you have to show proof of water disposal from a company

  4. Lori Gardner says:

    i am wondering if it would be a good idea to build my own consession trailer , i have a 27 ft fifth wheel trailer that i want to use for this. if you could give me your opinion on this.

  5. Brenda Newberry says:

    You can not empty into your sink. You go to a RV park and get a letter from them stating you can dump your grey water there. In TN it depends on the park, but most will charge you $4.00 each time. You can’t wash the dishes in your home. You have to either wash them in your concession trailer or you have to have a commissary. If you serve anything besides a plain hot dog with bun and wiener (No Chili or Cheese allowed) TN requires you to have a commissary (this has to be totally separate from your home) with a 3 bay sink with dual drain boards and a 3 bay sink with dual drain boards in your concession trailer. The water supply must come from a city water supply. If you have a well you must get it tested before you can use it to supply water to your concession trailer. You need to contact the health dept where you live. Each state and also each county has different regulations. Contact them before you do anything or buy anything.

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