Concession Trailer Business – 8

We are getting there slowly but surely. Can you feel the excitement building? You are about to step into your own concession trailer business. I know, I am excited for you, so if it hasn’t kicked in yet it will soon.

A lot of what you will do now is waiting and tying up loose ends getting ready for delivery of your concession trailer.

I want to also point out in this time of waiting you will be urged to call the manufacture often and keep on top of the construction process. This is fine and good just don’t overdo it. Once a week will be plenty. Write down all your questions when you think of them and ask them all at once when you on the phone so as not to have to keep calling them over and over. No one likes a pest.

More than likely the manufacturers have given you a date to expect delivery. If not, about 3 weeks in ask for one. Once you get the exact date call your health department and set an appointment to have your concession stand inspected.

In some cases they will want you to go ahead and set up on location then inspect, but most of the time they will let you pull it to their office and inspect it. Then there may be a second inspection after it is set up. Either way make an appointment for this important step.

Call the owner of the location and give them a date when you will be setting up.

Start advertising whether by paper or word of mouth. If the owner of the location doesn’t mind put up a banner advertising what you will sell and when to expect you there and the date.

Round up your suppliers if you are going to buy your goods wholesale and recheck availability and prices.

Call the city and make sure everything is on schedule if you have decided to go with them for power or water and waste services.

Now in the last few days or weeks before your grand opening it would be good to have a team meeting. Get everyone together who will be working with you and make sure they know what is going on and what is expected of them. Make sure everyone is on board with you and on the same page.

Open up a business account at a bank under your DBA or doing business as name.

Now about the only thing to do now is wait for your concession trailer to be completed. As soon as it is we will move to step nine

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  1. Jamba says:

    How do you estimate the amount of supplies for a given fair or event? Is there a formula based on the amount of people expected?

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