Cotton Candy Maker

cotton-candyA cotton candy maker or cotton candy machine is welcome at any festive occasion! Cotton candy is a favorite treat of young and old alike.

If you are looking for concession equipment for a special event, you’ll want to give the cotton candy maker top priority. A real crowd pleaser, there’s always a line of people wanting cotton candy. Your guests will be delighted!

The cotton candy machine is a hot item for a fund-raiser. The raw materials are quite inexpensive, making for a wide profit margin. Cotton candy is so attractive, that once the first person has some, everybody notices and wants some too. A cotton candy machine usually pays for itself easily, making the rest of the sales pure profit for your fundraiser. Many people associate cotton candy with fairs, carnivals, and the circus. A cotton candy machine can bring that feeling to your event, however large or small it may be.

Cotton candy has been around for nearly a hundred years. The interesting thing about a cotton candy machine is that it can take regular sugar and melt it into a liquid. The machine then spins the liquid sugar at a high speed and forces it through several tiny holes. As the liquid passes through the holes in the cotton candy maker and cools it becomes a wispy, cotton like candy; a treat that is colorful, light and very tasty…all made from your cotton candy machine.

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    all this information was very valuable for me the concession trailer business and the cotton candy machine . Have yet to finish reading the expresso concession trailer but I will and thanks it was the best .

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