Espresso Trailer Business – 1

Welcome. Here you should find everything you need to know about opening your own drive thru espresso trailer coffee stand business. If you have not read the pages on concession trailer business yet I would suggest you go back and read that first before reading this, because a lot of the same rules and information applies and It would be redundant to repeat myself.

There are 10 very informative steps on the page and you should read every one of them. So why don’t you go ahead and go back and read those 10 steps and join me here when your finished. Take your time and enjoy. I will wait on you.

Ok lets begin. There are several differences which only apply to the drive thru coffee stand business and needs to be added to the 10 basic steps you have just read. The first step being……

Make sure you have plenty of windows in your drive thru coffee stand. Two drive thru windows and one walk up window will do but I would recommend four drive thru windows. Two on each side and a walk up window on the end.

The drive thru coffee stand business is still fairly new in the north and very rare in the south. It is growing fast though and those two extra windows will be appreciated in the near future. It’s a lot easier to get them installed during construction than to do it later and a lot cheaper.

In the beginning you will probably just work out of one window per side but as your business grows and it will all four windows will be in use. The one window on each side in the front can be used to take orders and money while someone else is preparing the coffee drink ready to hand it out one of the two back windows which will in turn open up the front two windows again so you can take another order and move your customers thru at a faster pace. Faster is always good.

Now to step two.

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  1. William Crist says:

    I am interested in this type of business

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