Espresso Trailer Business – 2

This step deals with equipment. The drive thru coffee business is a moneymaking business and it shows by the price of the equipment.

• The first and most important pieces of equipment is your espresso machine. If your just starting in the drive thru espresso business I would recommend at least a two or three group espresso machine with fast recovery. You also will have to choose between automatic and semi automatic. Both are great and will do the job you need. Semi automatic is the favorite of drive thru coffee business owners and automatic being the most used in the coffee shops. In you research you can read about each one and decide for yourself. The main difference between the two being with an automatic the shot is pull for you and the extraction process is automatic, with the semi automatic you use a lever to pull your own shots and this all comes with practice until you pull just as good or better shot than an automatic can for you. In most cases though if you start with a semi automatic and get the feel for it you will stick with the semi automatic. In my opinion a good barrister can always pull a much better shot with a semi automatic than an automatic ever could.
• The next piece of equipment is your grinder. These come in many shapes and sizes and just and many grind selections. I recommend getting a grinder that has at least 7 to 13 grind selections as each different kind of coffee, espresso, and cappuccino takes a different grind. Don’t buy just one. Have at least two in your drive thru coffee business.
• The next piece of equipment is totally optional. The coffee bean roaster. If you want to go all the way in this business then by all means buy yourself a roaster. You can buy the different variety of beans fresh and roast them to you and your customers liking. If you are not interested in this part of the business that’s ok it will not hurt you in any way. You can buy just as flavorful beans already roasted in a variety of roasts.
• Don’t forget about the common everyday coffee maker. Even though you are running a gourmet coffee business there are lots of us who still like a good cup of plain coffee. It’s also good for making hot chocolate for the kids and us big kids as well. A three-station coffee maker will work just fine in the beginning. You can also ad flavor to your coffees and sell them that way. The ways to make money with just coffee is endless.
• A two or three tub granita machine will bring in some cash. Set one of these up in your drive thru coffee business and make frozen drinks to sell. You can also make gelatos with these and watch your profits sour. People love frozen coffee drinks (gelatos).
• You should also buy several blenders for your drive thru espresso business. You can use them for a variety of drinks such as smoothies and frozen coffee drinks. This is about all the basic equipment you will need for the drive thru coffee business as far as coffee beverage goes so lets continue with step three.

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