Espresso Trailer Business – 3

This may be one of the most important things you can do if you are really serious about opening a drive thru espresso stand business. Learn about coffee, espresso, and cappuccinos, become a barrister.

If you are not a coffee drinker then start right now. The people who will frequent your drive thru coffee stand are a picky bunch and I don’t blame them. Nothing is more frustrating than to watch someone ruin a good cup of Java or have someone hand you what he calls an espresso but turns out to be the likeness of burnt mud.

Don’t call yourself a drive thru espresso business if you know nothing about coffees. In order to appreciate the whole coffee espresso experience from roasting the beans to grinding them to handing a cup to one of your customers you must be a drinker.

Do a lot of research then do more. Get to know and appreciate every aspect of the drive thru coffee stand business. If you don’t acquire the appreciation this craft deserves your customers can tell and your business will suffer. Take a class if you can. They will show you everything there is to know about being a great barrister from the perfect grind to just how much to tamp to pour the perfect shot of espresso.

I know there are a couple of barrister training schools in the northwest and a couple more scattered around the country and the cost is between $3500 and $5000 but it is well worth it and it will pay for itself in no time.

Later on in a month or so I will put links to these schools on this site so you can find them easily. Let me end this step by saying, and I can’t stress this enough to you, research, research and more research. Learn all there is to know about the drive thru coffee business and it will reward you greatly. Ok on to step four.

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  1. Donna says:

    I appreciate the article, but a barista is a coffee “bartender” if you will; a barrister is an attorney.

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