Espresso Trailer Business – 4

Unlike the concession business where I recommend only 3 or 4 menu items, the drive thru espresso stand business will have many times that many menu items. Most all will be in various forms of coffee drinks from espresso to frozen coffees to flavored coffees.

I will be adding soon, several hundred coffee recipes to this site so all can enjoy and use. On you menu you should include smoothies, even though it’s not in any form a coffee drink it fits well with this group and will sell well as will frozen drinks from your granita machine.

On this large menu of different coffee drinks, frozen drinks, and smoothies you may be tempted to sell food. I would not recommend it. It is your drive thru coffee stand business and you sell what you want, I am just making suggestions here. You are in a gourmet coffee business and it just doesn’t mix with food.

People who come to your drive thru coffee stand business are conesiers and are not very forgiving. They want the perfect cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino, etc and it takes all your attention satisfying your customers and making them that perfect coffee beverage and you just don’t have time worrying if you are burning someone’s fries. If you want to serve something edible you can just don’t do dinners and lunches. Serve snacks and pastries. Something simple that does not require a lot of your time and attention. You can bake cookies and pies at home and bring them in and sell by the slice or cookie. I would not go much further that that.

Well this concludes our talk on the drive thru espresso trailer coffee stand business for now. I hope you enjoyed and found it useful. I wish you all the luck in starting your own drive thru espresso stand business. If you ever have any questions or comments or ideas please let us know. We would be happy to hear them and I will answer any questions you have the best I can. Make sure you visit and join the forum and become an active participant. We and everyone else is always looking for new ideas and without you this suite would not be possible. Thanks again for visiting and come back often, as we will be adding new topics regularly. Visit all of our other informative pages on this site before you leave.

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2 Responses to Espresso Trailer Business – 4

  1. Jason says:

    Do you really think that the classes are worth that much? Seems a bit steep, but I’ve loved coffee forever, I know a lot and I know I don’t know a tenth of it! Anyway, a few questions: 1) How does a busy coffee stall handle it’s water needs/wastes?
    2) Suggestions on the water? Will people notice/care if it’s not filtered?
    3) Suggestions on roasters? I think the smell alone would drive business.
    4) What sort of mark up do you suggest with coffee? I’d like to have quality coffee, but those prices rise quite quickly.

    Thank you for your time! Please spellcheck your article!

  2. Bob says:

    Nice article.
    To answer Jason`s long overdue question, Classes are important but find the best full service coffee supplier to see what prices they charge. There are some built in issues like parochial views by supplier….. but they know the business and in some cases will help you get the best from your beans.
    WATER: needs to be both filtered and conditioned. Your EXPENSIVE espresso maker requires it and it is a major product component. You can meet supply requirements as you would an RV. By the way, your customers will notice lesser quality water.
    TO ROAST OR NOT TO ROAST? Not for a new start up, focus the time you would have messed with beans to plan and execute your marketing plan.
    MARKUP: This depends on product quality, location and competition.

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