Espresso Trailers

Espresso Trailers, Stands and Drive Thru’s are usually custom built. All across Washington state, Oregon, and all the way east to Maryland and new York, espresso trailers are a big thing. Cars lined up getting their morning boost. The opportunities are endless in the north and even moreso as you move south down into the central and southern United States.

We believe that in the next couple of years every state will begin to see these highly profitable coffee stands on street corners everywhere… one of them could be yours.

Espresso Trailers, Stands, Drive Thru’sStep One: Find and acquire a high traffic area to setup

Step Two: Contact a trailer manufacturer to plan/design your new trailer or purchase used model

Step Three: Health Department paperwork, city/state licensing, utilities

Step Four: Setup business and start making money

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  1. Laura Thompson says:

    Looking for a used expresso concession trailer preferably with oven and 2 burner propane stove, fridge and freezer. Would like 7×7 size with double sinks and some cupboards. Need also water tank and run off water tank.

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